Types of construction defects

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The average contractor’s client is not likely familiar with common construction defects, but the clients could be the financial victims of shoddy work. When a client procures the services of a contractor to build or renovate a property in Idaho, they expect the work to be performed properly. If not, litigation may follow to recover any losses because of the defective work.

Common construction defects

Sometimes, a project’s defects begin long before the first day a team commences physical work. Design flaws on the drawing board might lead the construction crew astray. Design flaws could be dangerous, as evidenced by crafting plans that present structural flaws.

Material defects are another example, and a construction team may not realize they are working with defective materials. Problems with defective materials might not reveal themselves until after the project is long completed, which may also present hazardous risks. For example, weak beams might lead to a roof collapsing.

Further issues with construction defects

The contractor and the company’s workers may engage in poor-quality work. There could be several reasons why the contractor does not perform proper work. Some may attempt to speed up the project or save money. Regardless, performing low-quality work may lead the contractor into a construction defect lawsuit for any losses inflicted on a client because of poor work. Some may face personal injury claims if the poor quality of work contributes to someone’s injuries.

Construction defects might lead to a property becoming condemned. A business occupying the property could shut down until costly repairs are completed. Construction litigation could be the only way for the injured party to recover their losses. All parties that contributed to the construction defects may face legal claims.