Centering your divorce around your children

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2023 | Family Law |

Many Idaho couples who seek a divorce are parents. As a result, they have to worry about how their split will affect their children. One of the best ways to minimize the impact is to have a child-centered divorce. These are some tips that can help couples achieve one.

Keep things civil with your spouse

Keeping things civil with your spouse is one of the most crucial aspects of having a child-centered divorce. It allows you to avoid unnecessary fights in front of your children that could be emotionally damaging. If a dispute arises, make sure you settle it respectfully; if you do have to argue, do it away from the kids.

Work together

Work together with your spouse when breaking the news of your divorce to your children. Maintain a peaceful environment they need during this time and be sensitive toward your kids’ feelings when making the announcement; it can help soften the blow.

Avoid going to court

If it’s at all possible, avoid going to court to get your divorce. Traditional proceedings can take over a year, which can take its toll on everyone, especially your children. The best thing to do when aiming for a child-centered divorce is to seek mediation or collaborative divorce. Both options let you avoid court while working together to settle things. You set the pace for the process and decide on property division, child custody, child support and other aspects.

Focus on a better future and reassure your kids

Even when you and your spouse agree on everything, divorce can still take an emotional toll on you and your children. As a result, it’s crucial to focus on a better future. Assure your kids that you and your former spouse are both there for them and will always love them. Explain that while you will no longer be married, nothing will change regarding your relationship with them.

Divorce is never something to look forward to, but it might be necessary. With children involved, you can make things easier by focusing your split around them.