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Hear From Our Clients

“Becky thinks multiple moves ahead in devising her legal strategy. Then she quickly and methodically approaches the problem. She brought us immediate resolution. She didn’t waste her time or our money with inefficiencies or dragging things out. She understood exactly who to speak to and what to say and when to say it. We obtained the best outcome and were spared a legal battle because of Becky’s irrefutable persuasion with the opposing party. Becky Anderson receives my highest recommendation. I would never want to be on the side of Becky’s opposing party.”


“There is no lawyer I would trust more to represent me legally than Becky Anderson. Becky quickly dispatched with a complex and serious legal matter that caused my husband and me to be up at night sweating with dread. Becky Anderson understood our urgency to resolve the issue. She very quickly cut to the chase with the opposing party and thoroughly resolved the situation. The outcome was better than we had thought possible.”


“Dan is one of the best lawyers in the Boise legal community. I have known him for over 20 years and hold him in the highest regard.”