Social media and your divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Family Law |

Divorcing couples in Idaho might be tempted to spill all about their issues on social media, but it’s a bad idea. Even if the split is mutual and uncontested, social media usage at this time can come back to haunt you. These are the best ways to handle it.

Stop using social media

The best thing to do during a divorce is to avoid posting or even viewing social media entirely. It prevents a potential problem from happening and allows you to focus on the real world. You can take care of your children and focus on yourself if you skip social media and resume your usage after your divorce is final.

Be smart

If you can’t stay away from social media while going through your divorce, be smart when posting and limit your time on it. Avoid posting anything that could draw negative attention to yourself and only post innocent things. For example, pictures of your children and pets or a new haircut should be acceptable and not cause trouble. Don’t post anything about your spouse, the divorce or your personal life at all.

Although it might be tempting, don’t view your spouse’s social media profiles or search for them online. Doing so might turn up something you might not expect and could lead to nasty fights.

Tweak your privacy settings

Even if you aren’t getting a divorce, tweaking your social media privacy settings is wise. It can prevent prying eyes from accessing your posts, photos and other content. Reach out to your connections and ask them to refrain from tagging you in posts as well. If your spouse has any mutual connections, they can see whatever those people post.

Monitor your children’s usage

If you have kids and they are old enough to be on social media, monitor what they post. Tell them not to discuss your divorce and ask to see their posts to be sure they won’t cause problems.