The different types of construction defects

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Residents of Idaho expect to be safe in their homes. Unfortunately, certain construction defects can compromise the safety of the building.

What is a construction defect?

A construction defect is anything that was improperly administered in the makeup of a building. This could include the materials used, poor workmanship or even a failure to comply with proper construction codes. Construction defects can cause serious instability in the building and lead to much bigger, more dangerous problems.

What are common construction defects?

There are several types of construction defects that are frequently reported. Design defects are those that result in poor designs, and they may be noticed before the construction even takes place. If the architect or engineer creates a design that’s impractical and the construction crew builds it in spite of the potential dangers, it can lead to a variety of problems. The building’s support might be poor, water might easily get into the building, or there may be poor drainage of water.

Construction deficiencies are a type of construction defect that comes from poor-quality workmanship. This often occurs when the contractor doesn’t build up to code. If the building has these problems, poor craftsmanship can leave it vulnerable to water damage, mold damage, plumbing problems, electrical issues or mechanical problems.

Subsurface deficiencies mean that the soil on which the home is built is not stable enough to hold it. When a building’s foundation is unstable, it can lead to major damage. The structure might shift, and the building could collapse over time. The homeowner would likely have cause for construction litigation against a contractor.

If the construction crew uses poor-quality materials to build the home, it can compromise the entire building. This is a construction defect that results in the individual parts of the building malfunctioning. For example, if the construction crew uses cheap windows as a way to cut corners, those windows might later easily break or fail to prevent water, snow or wind from entering the home.

Construction defects can lead to serious issues with a home. If you have suffered injuries or damages, there are options to help you fight back.