Insurance defense in a product liability lawsuit

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When a defective consumer product, like an airbag, injures you or a loved one, the effects can be devastating to your life. Though Idaho doesn’t require that motorists have Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP), many car insurance companies include it in insurance packages. A product liability claim might be filed against the manufacturer of a product if that product injured the consumer.

Fault-based insurance laws

Product liability claims are filed after motor vehicle accidents for a wide array of products, including car seats, seat belts, tires prone to blowouts, vehicles with a history of rollovers, and recalled parts. Idaho has fault-based insurance laws, which means that your insurance company will pursue damages from the other party’s insurance company depending on whether they’re deemed ‘at fault.’ Here’s what you need to know regarding insurance defense in personal injury cases:

  • Though insurance companies sometimes have a company attorney represent you in a personal injury case, they are also working for the benefit of that company.
  • Idaho law caps ‘non-economic’ damages in injury cases at $250,000.
  • There is no cap for ‘economic damages,’ which may include wage loss and medical treatment bills.

Working for your claim, not the insurance company’s

It is essential that, if you’re eligible for a personal injury claim and covered by personal injury protection insurance, you find an attorney specializing in personal injury and insurance defense to make sure your best interests are represented.