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Natural Resource Law Counsel

Our firm has extensive experience in matters relating to the use and ownership or natural resources and the firm offers a broad range of services relating to all aspects associated with the acquisition, management and operations of timberland, minerals, oil and gas, and agricultural or range land including:

  • Guiding Clients Through Complex Natural Resource & Land Transactions: This includes drafting and reviewing of purchase and sale agreements and finance documents, assisting clients during the due diligence process, title examination and natural resource analysis, preparation of easements, deeds or leases, spearheading the closing process and addressing post-closing issues.
  • Providing Advice Relating to Operations: We have extensive experience in preparing/reviewing a number of agreements relating to the management of natural resources and land, including grazing lease agreements, farming/ranch leases, timber sales contracts, cell tower agreements, access easement agreements, road cost sharing agreements, recreational agreements or permits, vendor contracts, mill contracts, harvesting contracts, heavy equipment purchase agreements, insurance policies and employee/contractor agreements relating to the management of lands and/resources.
  • Resolving Disputes: Our firm can handle a broad range of disputes involving natural resources or land such as boundary disputes, trespass and conversion issues, fire liability, contract disputes, and disputes involving easements, leases or permits.
  • Assisting in Overseeing Compliance with Local, State and Federal Regulations in Management of Natural Resources: We provide advice on permitting and compliance with state forest practices. We also assist clients in navigating through regulatory matters at local, state and federal levels.
  • Negotiating Conservation Easements: This includes drafting and negotiation conservation easements and working with conservation groups and tax advisors to optimize conservation objectives and maximize tax benefits.
  • Natural Resource Policy and Government Relations: We represent clients in government relations, including finding regulatory, political or legislative solutions to address issues concerning the client’s ownership and management of natural resources.